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Subscribe to it wherever you get your podcasts.)From our new podcast, The Indicator: Opponents of net neutrality argue that the government should get out of the way and let the market work, that's what leads to better service and more choice.

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It was a fairly ordinary American wedding in 1975, save for one distinction: the bride was white, and the groom was Asian.

Working with the BCGEU union, which represented UBC child care staff, I helped develop and coordinate a campaign for gender equitable wages.

Educators demanded at least per hour, which represented a nearly 20% “pay correction” that would reflect the qualifications, responsibilities and value of the almost all woman workforce. I moved to Canada in 2007 in opposition to the invasion of Iraq and the practice of torture by the United States government under the second George Bush administration.

The strike was called off on the eve of the worker-imposed deadline, when Maryland’s then governor Martin O’Malley agreed to their demands.

The second campaign organized Early Childhood Educators at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

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