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Steve Becker, a therapist specializing in psychopathy and narcissism and consultant for , distinguishes, however, between the motives of narcissists and psychopaths.

[Read: 16 signs your lover is messing with your mind] #2 The subject that you started with was not even covered.

Indeed, his inner world seems to lack much of anything to validate: it is barren, with nothing in it that would even be responsive to validation.

An emotional cipher, the psychopath’s exploitation of others is more predatory than the narcissist’s.

Gaslighted is what a narcissist does to mess with your head. Narcissists have an uncanny ability to take everything, twist and turn it, leaving those in their life walking away wondering what the hell just happened here? There is a reason why you can’t put water on it to put it out. This is what a narcissist does to anyone who tries to put them in their place, call them out, or threaten their ego. 14 signs you are When you try to call a narcissist out for their bad behavior, it is like throwing water on a gas fire; it blows up in your face.

After you are done, you see you are missing not just your eyebrows, but your brain.

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