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Talking to or meeting up with someone could lead to a romantic relationship, but it could also lead to a new friend or, at the very least, exposure to a different kind of person than is your norm.

“See who [enjoys doing the same things] as you.” It’s amazing what can happen when you pull your head out of the “When you’re lonely, you want to feel closeness to someone,” says Figueroa.

As much as I fancy myself to be a classic strong, confident woman who doesn’t need a man, I still find myself feeling weak, lonely, and very much in want of a man from time to time.

In a recent moment of such weakness, I found myself responding to a notorious “Bachelorette” villain’s Instagram story about whether he should keep or shave his moustache.

At the end of our exchange he told me to visit him in LA, winky face.“Reflect on why you’re lonely. If being single is truly the underlying cause of your loneliness, then sure, get out onto the dating scene.

If you realize that you just need human connection in general, consider starting off with making efforts to spend time with those who are already part of your life.

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