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For Grand Tour fans, this point will sound pretty familiar.

During Conversation Street of Episode 11 (Italian Lessons) James says that leather is in fact a terrible material for cars.

It's obvious, did you see the way he flirted with Richard when they were racing Jeremy on the Ferry?

And when they had to share a bed when they went caravnning he said it was romantic! When they are teasing hamster about Oliver, James' typical holiday romance involves a moustache.

According to him it is, “It’s too shiny and slippery. It’s rubbish.” Richard Hammond agrees with him, explaining that he thinks somewhere along the way, we began to associate leather with being posh and expensive.

He even points out an audience member in a sweater, saying that it would make quite a nice car seat.

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In his article though, James makes the more practical observation that “synthetics have come a long way since we turned our noses up at vinyl, leatherette and velour.” He’s absolutely right, we can manufacture almost anything these days.

So why not have make a durable material that won’t stain, is water-repellant, soft and cloth-like enough to not be blazing hot in the summer and ice-cold in the winter?

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