Is liam payne dating danielle again dating fender amp pots

“They were kissing passionately with his hand wrapped around the back of her head and they obviously couldn’t get enough of each other,” the source said.

He’d moved onto a new model before you could say ‘Liam and Cheryl have split’.

Originally childhood friends from school, Liam and Sophie dated for two years, however, the Familiar singer admitted long distance just wasn’t for them.

He said at the time: “I’m absolutely devastated to have split with Sophia.

Ps: you’re amazing,” she had an even more cryptic response.

“You’re amazing (and yes I’m avoiding the question),” she admitted, before a third fan asked if she’s missing Liam: “Why, where’s he gone? It wasn’t long before Danielle decided the speculation was enough and logged off her Instagram account for good: “Taking a little time out from social media,” she wrote.

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Fast forward to 2016 and the couple surprised the nation with the teasing of their romance.

They were pictured in Italy’s Lake Como, lunching at the expensive hotel Villa D’Este at a table for two.

Cairo and Liam met in Cannes earlier this summer and it was reported that they had since enjoyed several dates.

When one fan asked: “Are you still in touch with Liam?

” she replied: “I’m gonna keep that between him and I.” And when a second fan said: “Are you and Liam still friends?

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