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But what's equally impressive is the second act of Norman's professional life.

His activities since leaving the game of golf can be seen as a kind of how-to manual for athletes seeking to parlay a fruitful playing career into success in business.

Horologically speaking, this small, black-dialed gold timepiece may be pretty ho-hum, but Norman says he liked the way it wasn't overly reflective and thus didn't distract him while putting.

Norman's tenure as a Rolex ambassador spanned decades and overlapped with several of the best years of his playing career.

(When Norman himself mentioned that he selected a certain watch to play with because it didn't reflect too much light in the afternoon sun, I found myself knowingly nodding along.) In all, he spent a total of 331 weeks as the world number-one, winning 91 international tournaments, 20 of which were PGA Tour events, as well as two British Open Championships.

This Patek Philippe reference 5035 annual calendar, the first example of such a complication in the world, certainly fits the bill.

Norman received this watch as a birthday gift from a friend in Australia.

He told us that he thinks watches are thoughtful gifts not just because they have the potential to cost quite a bit, but also because the giver really has to know a thing or two about the recipient's likes, dislikes, and overall taste.

Norman recalls flying to Brunei to play a nighttime exhibition match with three other professional players.

At the conclusion of the exhibition, the Sultan of Brunei gifted Norman with this solid gold Royal Oak.

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