Intimidating co

Coupled with the need of many people for drama in their lives, the crime of Intimidation (Intimidating) a Witness or Victim if easy to come by.

It is always best to have no contact with an alleged victim, witness or their family members.

Protect yourself by allowing an experienced lawyer to defend against all charges - don't try and affect the outcome by calls or visits to alleged victims or their family members.

For over twenty years, we have been defending good people falsely accused of Intimidation (Intimidating) a Witness or Victim in Broomfield, Boulder and Weld County.

Masterson, who is a well-known Scientologist, has denied the allegations several times - and the Church has called the lawsuit a "ludicrous publicity stunt." Co-counsel for the plaintiffs, Professor Marci Hamilton, said in a statement: "The tragic facts of sexual assault and abuse within Scientology and the cover-up are now coming to light.Tempers are running high and parties are looking for opportunities to get revenge against you.Victim and witness family members will be looking for a reason to call police and accuse you of something.In a large-scale plot known as "Operation Freakout," the Church used harassment and entrapment to try to get journalist Paulette Cooper, who had written a popular anti-Scientology book, "incarcerated in a mental institution or jail". Their attacks on Cooper included framing her for two bomb threats.

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