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We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.Discover 3 quick approaches that can be adapted to each child’s personality to help insure they make much better decisions for themselves and in helping their friends at dances and parties at Is your son or daughter currently in an abusive relationship or has he/she been sexually assaulted?Help is available at Hope House’s 24-hour confidential helpline, 800-584-6790.She might be starting down a path that leads to years of bad decisions and heartache.If you react poorly, that can make the situation worse - teens are notorious for doing the exact opposite of what their parents tell them to do.

Remember you told them that boys/girls are trouble and so they learn to accept trouble as their only option.Here are 3 golden rules from Mike Domitrz’s DVD and book set for parents titled Help! Your child will not even tell friends because he/she is likely to be afraid their friends might tell you. Before having your child go on a date with another teenager, team up with their parents. If your teenager likes a boy or girl, they simply will not believe you that boys or girls are bad.In the end, your child goes without the support and counseling which is desperately needed (and of course, you want to provide). Have everyone get together at one house (both sets of parents and both teenagers going out on the date) showing a unified front of parents both caring about how both teenagers will treat each other with the greatest respect. If they do actually believe you, you will end up raising a person who will not trust partners.As a parent, you know each child responds differently to these conversations and so every parent needs OPTIONS – realistic and powerful solutions. Why do parents make such scary statements to a child? Maybe you’re thinking, “I said that because I would want to kill the person.” While your first reaction is normal, those words imply to your child you are going to be more focused on getting revenge than being there for your son or daughter who has just been violated.Through a community education grant, Hope House of South Central Wisconsin was able to co-sponsor nationally renown expert and author, Mike Domitrz, to speak to students at Lodi High School so that they learn how to make much better and SAFER decisions when it comes to dating and intimacy. Being a parent, what can you do to engage your son or daughter on this important topic? The result of such scary statements is your teen will not tell you if someone hurts or sexually assaults him/her.

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