Greece voice chat sex

“Ngh…hello, (name)…” Heracles mumbles without truly looking at his visitor, instead focusing on stroking the soft fur of one of his many cats that is sharing the bed with him.

“What are you do Tonight was your usual sleepover night with the Italian brothers Feliciano and Lovino.

You blushed lightly, not only because of what he said but the way he sexily whispered in your ear made your spine tingle and your body prick with pleasure-filled goosebumps.“R-really? “You have a sex rate that’s even higher than France’s? He grits his teeth in annoyance then gave you a charming and heart-warming smile turning you to his direction with the teasing tips of his fingers under your chin, his blue eyes staring into your (e/c) ones.“That may be true my sweet, ___,” he began leaning into your lips, the edge of it brushing against yours setting little pricks of fire onto your soft plump lips, “But quality makes up for quantity oui?

Not only was Greece completely hot to you, but France as well. Now it was France’s turn to smirk at the now frustrated Greek. ” Greece asked.“Oui, we are French, masters at l’amour.” He smiled, using his fingers under your chin to lift up your head and leave a light and chaste kiss on your lips making your body ripple like a pebble dropped in a pond. Greece grabbed your wrist and spun you to him and grinned softly boring his eyes into yours replacing the blue eyes with striking green ones.“If you’re such masters, why do we have the highest sex rate then, France?The three of you decided to have a mini movie marathon with the movies picked by the twins and you on soda and snacks (although you were against alcoholic drinks, you bought some red wine for your friends).After two movies, the twins became drowsy and they both left for bed early.You stole a glance I dont know whats wrong with me. I'm only fluent in English, but I can somewhat live in other counties with a handbook and my language skills. She didn’t even have to see to know it was the flirtatious blonde French man who had smacked her butt.Since you were a bit troubled sleeping that night, you proceeded to watch the rest of the movies to hopefully make you sleepy (btw, they brought 5 DVDs).

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