Germans difficult dating

One of the few positive experiences he remembers was meeting other black Germans through the Initiative Schwarze Menschen Deutschland (Initiative for Black People in Germany, in German only).The group was founded in the mid-1980s as a forum for people of African descent in Germany and a way to fight racism.It connected them to information about their parents and helped them find a common identity.Web sites became a supranational meeting point, a place where black Germans could meet others who share similar experiences."There were three policemen waiting for me, and they escorted me out of the plane to the police station in Frankfurt. The police said that I had to tell them every crime I had committed in the United States.They told me they could convict me under German law....I was spooked, so I told them everything." He counts the next 18 months in his "native land" as among the worst in his life.He was often homeless, suicidal and had resumed abusing drugs, including cocaine.

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Forbidden to Speak German The adoptees grew up in the United States, many with no idea they were adopted or that they were half-German (for information on the difficulties encountered by black GIs wanting to stay with their German girlfriends, read the sidebar on the left).Some of them, like writer Helga Emde and artist Ika Hugel-Marshall, went on to found the Afro-Deutsch movement in the 1980s, raising their voices in literature and the media after years of being statistically invisible and yet uncomfortably conspicious.But for many black Germans raised in the US, it was the rise of the Internet that sparked their awakening.For many of the now-adult children of white German women and African-American GIs, adopted by families in the United States after World War II, the search for the truth has been difficult. Rudi Richardson knew something about what it meant to be a black man in the United States.But after being deported to Germany, the country where he was born, shortly before his 47th birthday, he had to start figuring out what it meant to be black and German -- in a land he barely remembered and whose language he didn't speak.

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