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The Jeanne Clery Act is named in memory of 19-year-old Jeanne Ann Clery, a Lehigh University freshman who was raped and murdered in her residence hall room on April 5, 1986.Jeanne’s parents, Connie and Howard, learned that Lehigh University students had not been informed of the 38 violent crimes that occurred on the Lehigh campus in the three years before her murder.

The United States Department of Education is tasked with enforcing the Jeanne Clery Act and may level civil penalties against institutions of higher education up to ,000.00 per violation or may suspend them from participating in federal student financial aid programs.

Using Kepler's detections, astronomers have estimated that there could be as many as 40 billion planets in our galaxy. Imagine how many planets are littered among the 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe.

Perhaps planets from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

But 1977 changed everything, and the film became the first science fiction story to become a major movie franchise. If you really liked science fiction, it was easy to find the sci-fi hooks. In fact, a science fiction novelist from the 1940s, Leigh Brackett, actually wrote the first script of The Empire Strikes Back. It’s also obvious that George Lucas knows his science fiction history. Source: Goonan: From the moment the opening scene rolled, I was immersed – literally. The majestic sound track, one of the first to use a quadraphonic “surround sound” system, sounded better than movies had ever sounded before.

George Lucas made it really easy to understand our genre: you just had to go to the theater. But if you didn’t, you still enjoyed it because the themes were familiar. You know the scroll of text at the beginning of each movie? Visually, it fulfilled the potential of screen sci-fi as a medium for conveying the vastness of space, and, with its “long ago and far away” setting, the vastness of time.

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