Fuck now no credit cards

Civilize is not a “credit repair” company but when we eliminate fraudulent debts, people’s credit scores improve.

I haven’t “cracked the code” on the credit score, in fact, I think my score now more correctly reflects my actual creditworthiness.

By using the Civilize tools, all of my debts were removed from my credit report. (I blogged about it) I got a few credit card offers, started using them and it’s been about six weeks it has now my score went up to 728.

We busted our asses, reiterated at a crazy pace and now we are leaving with a tool that not only gives them a safe way to communicate- but a powerful tool against fraudulent debts.

As many people do, I created a solution to a problem that I had faced- I had been harassed by collection agencies. I seriously had to rethink our whole business model because it doesn’t work if people use our service and their debts disappear.

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