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Department) 59.3.2 Counter Subversion Office (SEATO) 333.8.3 Counterespionage Section (American Expeditionary Forces) 120.3.2 Counterfeit Prevention Act (1806) 87.2 counterfeiting Geneva conference 87.2.1 Price Administration letters 188.6.5 Secret Service records 87.2.2 Treasury records 53.2.6 counterintelligence Armed Forces Special Weapons Project 374.3.7 army organizations 319.21 FBI files 65.2.2 War Department General Staff 165.4.10 World War II 263.2.1, 331.17.2 Counter Intelligence Branch (Naval Intelligence) 38.4.14 Counterintelligence Corps (Army) 319.21 Counterintelligence Corps Center (Army) 319.21 Counter Intelligence Division (Allied Force HQ) 331.17.2 Counter Intelligence Section (Pacific Theaters) 338.5.5 Counter-Intelligence Subcommittee (SHAEF) 331.5 Counter-Intelligence Sub-Division (SHAEF) 331.3.4 counties aerial photographs 145.8 agriculture census data 354.4 crop estimates 355.3 federal agency outlays 381.5.4 highway management 30.3 maps Agriculture Department 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