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Codex also, unlike the rest of the guild, tries to think of a way to deal with problems in a calm and organized matter.

Although Codex is quirky and awkward, she still becomes confident in small bursts of epic moments.

He then proceeds to bring up a chatlog from a few days before, pointing out that Codex had typed that they had a relationship, followed by a winky-smile ( ;) ) Codex then tells him that it wasn't a winky smile, and that her hand just slipped and didn't hit the colon to make a normal smily face ( :) ) Zaboo doesn't believe her and continues to think that she has feelings for him.

He also reveals that he has researched her entire life in order to track her down, such as knowing every floorplan of every house she's ever lived in, all of her past phone numbers, and even who she had a crush on in middle school.

The next morning, she apologizes for the punch to the head, but says it's only because she's protective of her son.

She explains that a few days ago, she went to go give Zaboo his bath, but he was no where to be found, and he didn't answer his cellphone, so she had to track him down by microchip.

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