Dynamic dating diagram

The [Measure as filter] calculated measure is added to the filter pane and set that it must have a value of 1. This example uses a simple SUM over the [Units Sold] column. In this case, drag the [Month] column from the ‘Date’ table to a blank area of canvas and set the visual to be a slicer.

Back to the top Dynamic network diagram technology was designed to overcome the challenges of previous diagramming software. Because they are data-driven from the live network, they are always up-to-date.

For example, to instantly diagram the path of an application, users can just enter the source and destination addresses.

In this fashion, a dynamic diagram is like GPS for the network - instead of an atlas of maps, users can get a customized map from simple input.

The DATEADD function can only work with a column reference and cannot use the output of a MAX function.

The key features of the report are that the visual uses the [Month] column from the ‘Data Table’ and not the month column from ‘Dates’.

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