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He has an excellent rapport with his band and never comes across as a diva--they seem to really respect him and like working with him.

None of this feels overly scripted, canned or phoned in, like what happens to most reality series, and after 60 episodes, Daryl Hall still looks like he's thrilled with the discovery of new bands and old friends.

His guests all have the same comment: that they really admire him and his amazing career, that he was a down-to-earth guy and that doing his show was a lot of fun.

You get the sense that Daryl is doing this for the sheer love of music.

Chris Allen has a quirky, edgy Johnny Marrr-meets- The Edge guitar playing while drummer Elaine Bradley drums with the intensity of John Bonham adding a heartbeat to the sensuality of the songs. We try to keep it real, but we’re not afraid to dream, either, work hard and admit we want success.” “We approach the songs from a classic perspective,” adds guitarist Chris Allen, who formed the initial group in Southern California with neighbor Tyler, who lived around the corner.

“We’re all about songs which relate the human experience,” says Las Vegas native, bassist Branden Campbell. “Even from the start, it was all about the music for us.

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