Dean cain dating 2016

In 2003, Torres and Cain raised their son under a joint custody but Cain assumed sole custody in 2011. Christopher sees his mum as often as necessary but has a stable place with his father.The star actor is proud as he has never been married yet is a dedicated dad to his only son.The actor has also dabbled in reality TV across the pond with appearances in dating show The Choice and the military-themed Stars Meet Stripes.(1993 – 1997) was one of the popular TV series and it starred Clark Kent who was also Superman.

In 1969, Thomas married Hollywood director Cain and he adopted her son Roger and her toddler Dean.Immediately after graduating, Cain signed on as a free agent with Buffalo Bills but a knee injury during training camp ended his career before it even began.After this injury, Dean lost hope in his football dream then turned to screenwriting and acting.Dean Cain is best known for his impressive role as the super hero in the series and till date, it remains one of his best roles.Just this June 2018, the famed actor joined the Idaho’s St Anthony police Department as a reserve officer.

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