David wygant dating coach

starring Will Smith was partially inspired by his work).When he came to us, it was clear that he needed a fresh approach.It was clear that before we could do anything, we needed to update his site.And that we did, to not only give David’s brand a more modern appearance, but also reflect his new service offerings and the changes within the dating industry. His entire front-end, backend and database was so large that it was in the gigabytes.With intense preparation each and every month, we were able to execute the majority of these campaigns to great success — see the section below for a sampling of the results we were able to achieve with our product launches., and managed it for him on a daily basis, which included: audio editing, creating product art, uploading each episode to the podcast host, and sending it out to individual podcatchers through the RSS feed.We also made a rich, dynamic database for the hundreds of guests featured on the podcast.

So, if we spent getting 85 clicks to our lead magnet, we were able to recoup the costs of advertising.In the time he’d been in business, much had changed. The rise of the internet meant more information was free, which devalued one-on-one coaching.So, we set out to revitalize his brand with one of our most ambitious campaigns to date: from redesigning his website to optimizing his sales funnels, and more.So, creating quality email content that drove opens and clicks was paramount to this campaign.To achieve this, we implemented our proven email copywriting formula: Part and parcel with our email campaigns, we set up a complex system of algorithms to automate coupons, subscriber management, and sales funnels.

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