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Some admit to disliking children or lacking the patience to parent.Still others are caretakers to aging parents and feel children would further deplete their energy.A 2007 Pew Research Center survey showed that attitudes on whether children are integral to a relationship are changing.Just 41% of Americans said children are "very important" to a successful marriage. Today, resources for the voluntarily child-free abound. Most people, like myself, who decided early not to have kids, acknowledged an absence of desire.Support sources include social networking groups, like Childfree Meetup; web sites, such as; and books, including Families of Two: Interviews With Happily Married Couples Without Children by Choice. Speaking for myself, parenthood seemed too important or daunting an endeavor to go into without enthusiasm or desire." The reasons child-free couples give for not having children are as varied as the couples themselves.Laura Scott of Roanoke, Va., was motivated to create the Childless by Choice project to test commonly held assumptions about the child-free. For many, the biological clock never ticked and they lack a strong urge to parent."I like kids," the magazine editor and writer tells Web MD, "but I can get my 'kid fix' from my nieces and nephews." As a response to societal pressures to procreate, she launched the web site Kid Free & Lovin' It in August 2007. "My motivation to start the site was the same for starting my book: I got tired of everyone assuming I would have kids or constantly asking me when I was going to have them," says Walters, now 46.

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"They feel we could financially and emotionally offer an excellent environment for a child.

Our friends see how we cared for our dog for 15 years and felt that we had all the nurturing skills we would need to be good parents.

We disagree." "I tell people that we are very comfortable with our decision not to have kids and have no regrets," Gomez adds. We direct our energies elsewhere, such as animal-rights causes and politics." Barbara Fisher, a licensed professional counselor in Atlanta, says that for some, the choice not to have children is spiritual.

Duane says he never felt "capable of being a father." His position was resolute.

But 12 years into their marriage Robin's biological clock started ticking.

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