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The most famous of these foot-shaped sites—also called —is on Mt. This site was discovered by Adam Zertal and his survey team in 1980 and subsequently excavated from 1982–1989.

There they uncovered a large altar, which was built of unhewn stones.

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Charred animal bones and ash were found inside this depression.

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In summary, although many still reject this as the Biblical altar referenced in Joshua , others think there might be a relationship between it and the Biblical tradition.

The altar can be divided into two strata—both dated to the Iron Age I.

The earlier level was built on bedrock and had a depression in its middle.

” in the March/April 2016 issue of During the course of the Manasseh Hill Country Survey, the late Adam Zertal and his team discovered a half dozen sites in the Jordan Valley with foot-shaped enclosure walls. For example, el-’Unuq, one foot-shaped site, measures 816 feet long and 228 feet wide.

This 4-acre site is larger than two soccer fields next to each other with their end zones connected.

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