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It seems like no one wants to date you because you have bi on your dating profile.

Then maybe it’s time to take it off, just for a little bit, to see if you can get some more dates.

It’s 2017 and chances are high you’ve tried online dating. And while the ‘bad guy’ image is one that can also work over here, there are other ways to use that to your advantage rather than posting such pics.

Don’t even try to hide it, I won’t believe you if you say no. What you should do is post a nice / neat picture of you as the main / cover pic and then maybe a few pictures in your profile that show what you do and that you’re likable, nice, active – or, if appropriate, a bad ass.

Now after having used Tinder or Ok Cupid at home might have worked somewhat, more often than not those dating profiles you used back then don’t work that well over here in Thailand. There are so many ‘bad boys’ here in Thailand that the nice guy actually kind of stands out.

Conserving the world’s oceans and stopping the loss of its biodiversity are among humanity’s biggest challenges.

You Know They’re Okay With Your Bisexuality (At Least in Theory) They agreed to go on a date with you! About two and a half years ago, I met this woman, and I thought we really hit it off. I asked my friend (who was friends with her) what happened. My bisexuality didn’t come up on the next two dates, and still, she was scared off by it!

That means they’re accepting of your bisexuality (hopefully! She knew I was bi, and agreed to go on a date with me. This personal anecdote was a long way to say that they be okay with your sexuality if they agree to go on a date with you, but that might not always be the case. It Will Attract Other Bi Folks A number of bi folks don’t put that they are bi on their dating profile, but are looking to date other bi folks. In fact, my current and past two relationships were with other bi identifying people. In my opinion, it mitigates a lot of the struggles (either implicit or explicit) that come from dating a gay or straight person.

If you don’t get a response, that means the girl isn’t interested in you for what reason ever that might be. Also, just to mention the obvious: It’s not funny to ask girls ‘how much for the night’ or anything like that just because you’re in Thailand.

This will most certainly lead to you getting blocked which, let’s be honest, you totally deserve, you jerk.

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