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In 1853, the factory building was completed and the company began doing business under the name "American Horologe Company." The name was changed to "Boston Watch Company" in September 1853, and the factory in Waltham, Massachusetts was built in October 1854. The Boston Watch Company failed in 1857 and was sold at auction to Royal E. It was reorganized as "Tracy, Baker & Co." and later that same year the name was again changed to "Appleton, Tracy & Co" and watches 5001 - 14,000 were produced. The factory was kept in operation through these years by cutting expenses to the lowest possible level... According to the biography by Carl Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln owned and carried a Waltham "Wm. The watch was an 11-jewel, 18 size, key-wind in a silver hunter case, and was produced in January of 1863.

The movements produced here (serial numbers 1001 - 5000) were signed "Dennison, Howard,& Davis," "C. The first movements carried the Appleton, Tracy & Co. In 1885, the company became the "American Waltham Watch Company". In 1906 the company was renamed the "Waltham Watch Company".

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The American Waltham Watch Company had its beginnings in 1850 in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

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Please contact us if you have any questions about the repair of your vintage Waltham watch.Military Timepieces: Watches Issued to British Armed Forces 1870-1970. It is designed to keep working despite the motions caused by the persons activities. A watch is a timepiece intended to be carried or worn by a person.In addition to using grade numbers, Waltham also used many grade names on their watches, often choosing the names of Board members, company investors, or other prominent individuals.The grade name basically designates the model and/or level of finish of the watch.

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