Dating someone with type 1 diabetes dating site accounts

This is not helpful and is also hurtful to the person with diabetes that genuinely needs the care and support of their partner.

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However, it was at the end of the third date when Susan informed Dennis about her diabetes.Susan sounded unsure if she should get into a relationship having Type 1 diabetes.She used words like, “burden,” and phrases like “it might be too much for him to handle.” Obviously, the two of them have a lot of soul searching to do! So what are some common relationship problems that could become an issue when one person has diabetes in a relationship and the other doesn’t? “I do every single morning when you ask me this exact same question,” you think sarcastically.If they still won’t support you in your efforts to live healthy with diabetes, then consider them just another life obstacle or barrier that you must figure out how to navigate around.You can stock your own cabinet or pantry with snacks and foods that are more likely beneficial to you in managing your diabetes.

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