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Diagnosis for a personality disorder typically takes very sophisticated and detailed assessments and observations from a licensed mental health professional.As Schizoid Personality Disorder is relatively uncommon, it may be challenging to find someone who is acutely familiar with the condition, its diagnosis, and treatment.

Well, gosh, given what he said to you, and the fact that he was serious enough about it to actually start therapy, that's a huge gesture of good faith. Somebody commented that he likely won't change, but that's not certain; everybody is different.

Most often, support with maintaining work and managing housing are primary methods of intervention and care.

It requires a lot of patience to engage with a loved one if they have Schizoid Personality Disorder.

They may find that the closeness with other people is generally undesirable, smothering and may avoid relationships with others, even family members.

Instead, they may focus largely on developing relationships with animals.

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