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The study was commissioned by dating site e Harmony, so you might say it had a vested interest, but you don't need maths professors to tell you online dating works. To make it even harder, most dating sites hide their subscription prices until you've waded through a long sign-up process. We created temporary profiles on more than a dozen dating sites and tested their features, user experience and value for money.In a moment we'll reveal our top seven, along with the fees they'd rather keep secret.

The moment your profile is published, which you have to do before seeing prices, you're battered with attention.

'Discover' ups the count to 25, and 'Unlimited' is, well, unlimited.

Incognito costs an extra £1.99/day (or £9.99/month), plus subscription.

You may be surprised by the number of specialist dating sites out there.

More than half the UK's 1,400 dating sites cater for a specific group such as over 50s, gay daters and disabled daters.

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