Dating sensory integration

These are simple sensory issues that don’t interfere with our lives.When a child has a significant amount of difficulty processing all the sensory information appropriately in order to function appropriately, then it is a sensory issue.A playground, a hiking trail, or the pool might be great options for kids who need to move, while the library, a nature center, or a museum might be better for kids who are successful in quieter, less active surroundings.Talk to your child ahead of time about the sensory experiences that commonly trigger meltdowns for him (e.g.loud noises, messy activities) and about how he can appropriately get the input his body needs during the play date.Come up with backup plans and ideas for appropriate responses to different scenarios (e.g.She is a mom to three funny, noisy boys and relies on yoga, good food, and time outside to bring her back to center.Everyone knows what the five senses are; taste, touch, smell, hear, and see.

) accompanied by other diagnosis; Autism Spectrum disorders, Intellectual disabilities, Developmental delays, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, , Fragile X, ADHD, and more.My sister can’t bear to have anything close to her neck (no turtlenecks or scarves for her).You may hate the smell of something or can’t tolerate the texture of certain food (tuna fish, ew! Your child may crave a certain blanket or mouth a certain toy when they are upset for comfort.Looking for more great information about sensory processing? And check out Social Skills for Kids, an awesome resource packed with more than 75 fun and engaging games and activities for building relationships, social problem solving skills, and communication!Claire Heffron is co-author at The Inspired Treehouse and a pediatric occupational therapist in a preschool/primary school setting.

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