Dating new guy christmas

maybe ask him what he is doing for new years and see what he says. I have been with my GF almost 3 months and we were not together for Christmas..

i havnt talked to my boyfriend a whole lot since he's been home cause he is spending time with family/friends, so dont take it personally. Hint if you have to or come right out and ask him to take you somewhere.I called him back later on and got his voice mail (was pretty late by then).Anyway, I havent seen him since then; im not sure why im so antsy about the holidays ; and then everyone asks me "So where is your new boyfriend" ugh it drives me nuts!!! What do you guys think - I met a guy in November, and have gone out about 6 times (he lives an hour away, we usually hang out on a weekend or a night during the week)...pretty much I have seen him once a week since we met.We talk on the phone probably 3 times a week; we are both taking it slow, but he does act like he likes me a lot. For example, he asked me a few weeks ago what i was doing on christmas and I told him that every year i spend it with my family at my parents; he said he always spends it at his mom's because he sees his nieces and nephews who live far away.

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