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The Protestants, in separating the Bible from the Church, turned the Bible against the Church.

Forgotten was the fact that it was the Church that gave us the Bible.

Priests went from being spiritual guides, ushering souls into heaven, to being regarded as agents of hell and darkness.

The Reformer’s separation of the Bible from the Church was aided by the invention of the printing press—a Catholic invention in a Catholic society, Chesterton points out, but one that “has been largely used to turn out whole libraries of lies against that society.” The Protestants continued to protest not only against the Catholic Church but against each other, as new groups splintered away into even narrower sects with even narrower interpretations of the Bible and what Christianity should be.

It has also painstakingly preserved the other ancient documents that not only testify to the truth of Scripture, but demonstrate on the face of them the difference between an inspired and uninspired text.

The Catholic Church, which still teaches the whole Scripture, that can point to all of its own doctrines in the Bible: that baptism is being born again (John 3:5), that marriage is a permanent bond (Mark ) reflecting Christ and his bride the Church (Rev.

They not only separated the Bible from the Church, to the exclusion of the Church, they separated faith from reason, to the exclusion of reason. Protestants began to believe that somehow Catholic teaching was not “scriptural” and consequentially, they deprived themselves of the Sacraments.

Baptism and Communion became mere symbols, devoid of their supernatural power.

Calvin’s emphasis on the Sovereignty of God unwittingly introduced a long string of philosophies that were fatalistic, to the exclusion of free will.But since we are this year observing the 500 anniversary of the Reformation, we may as well point out how Chesterton exactly identifies the problem that has plagued the Christian world for half a millennium.It has to do with the best of all books: the Holy Bible.They will believe an encyclopedia against an eyewitness; nay, they will believe a newspaper against the naked eye.They buy the newspaper next morning to find out what the meeting they attended last night was really like.” And all this left the Bible in a rather curious position.

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