Dating gas pumps

Whereas modern gasoline pumps feature simple and utilitarian designs, its early variants were often designed to be bold; to catch and hold your attention. The early gas pumps unique and eye-catching design is one reason why collectors today see the value in collecting this symbol of the age of invention that fueled the roaring 20’s.

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If you’re one to collect vintage and antique petroliana memorabilia, a vintage gas pump in mint condition we’ll be one of the buys you can’t miss.

Otherwise, dirty gasoline could permanently damage their automobile.

The visible gas pumps also featured the much-loved gas pump globes, typically placed on the very top of the pump.

In a barn in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a man by the name of Sylvanus F. It was September 5, 1885, several months before Karl Benz’ developed the first gas-powered automobile and a good 23 years before the Ford Model T. Before the invention of the automobile, the demand for gasoline was very low, if not nonexistent.

A byproduct of kerosene production, gasoline was often discarded while folks used kerosene for lamps, candles, cooking, and heating oil.

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