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When time runs out on the question and answer session, host Jim Lange asks the contestant to choose who he/she would like to share a dinner date with.A standard trademark of the show closes each episode with the host and winning contestants blowing a kiss to the viewers at home.Once it was picked, the person in question would reveal the reason behind the fact to the hopeful single.

In this show, a single woman would be given a choice of three bachelors whom she could talk with, but not see.

Certain kinds of questions such as name, age, occupation, and income were not permitted to be asked. The bachelorette would make her choice based solely on the answers to her questions.

After making her choice, the bachelorette met the two unchosen bachelors before meeting the chosen one.

Questions range from a variety of topics like, “If we were to be married, what type of unusual wedding would you dream up?

,” “What’s the last thing you thought about before you went to sleep last night?

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