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Torrent Falls is home to one of Kentucky's tallest seasonal waterfalls and world class rock climbing out your front door. If your travel dates fall on a turnover day, contact us and let us know your desired dates. We know that it is important for you to have a quality lodging experience when you visit the area to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. While you are visiting the area, drop in for a yoga class or pamper yourself with an acupuncture treatment.

That is why we have combined our love of the outdoors with affordable, clean and comfortable vacation cabin rentals. Red River Gorge Natural Health Center is located on the Red River Outdoors property in Slade, KY.

Private events at Torrent Falls will restrict access for Hemlock Trail cabin guests.

Access to the general public is through registration only. Please do not contact us about access if you are not a cabin guest.

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These cabins are built along a ridge-line, nestled among our 86 private wooded acres with over 4 miles of trails, ponds, creeks, a cliff line amphitheater, and wildlife.Our Torrent Falls cabins are located 7 miles south, off of exit 33 on Natural Bridge Rd (Hwy. Stay in any of our cabins and get access to the historic Torrent Falls property.* You and your cabin guests can enjoy world class climbing without the crowds at the crag, or take a short hike to enjoy the seasonal waterfall.*You Must sign an access liability waiver form to be on the property. The big file is broken down into smaller parts and it automatically fetches parts from multiple hosts at once.It also shares the parts you've already downloaded with others, so that everybody shares and benefits.

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