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Recently, however, charges of ivory smuggling into the Philippine archipelago (as reported by National Geographis) only uncovered a string of reprehensible crimes 20 years earlier by this errant messenger of God: doling out cocaine to minors and of being a true blue pedophile. The incident happened in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, California and reports have made its rounds in the internet. They have greater functions and are generally more revered than your regular daily Holy Mass prayer leader. However, when he went into the allegedly erring priest’s room, he saw the man of cloth was with a 17-year old boy in his bed.Hindi ba masamang makisama sa kahit anong klase ng tao? I CORINTO (ANG DATING BIBLIA) At sa mga Judio, ako’... Ano ang paraan upang maakay ng isang tao ang kaniyang pamilya? The expectation of receiving and hearing words of encouragement, words that could lead to a wonderful living is not given but instead hatred to other religion.

Spending extravagantly for their personal welfare and for their beloved children.“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves … Today the priest-who-has-since-become-a-Monsignor has been stripped of his ministry by the Vatican itself and is forbidden to say the Holy Mass.For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.” (Matthew ; 2nd Corinthians ) If the Church is losing its believers, it would not be because of other faiths – Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS or what-not- it would have been because of implosion: from the inside. Many believe the powerful Garcia clan of Cebu has protected the erring shepherd. Cris Garcia Scandal #9: Sigena Babes, Sleep na Tayo, Gagawa pa ko ng Homily At the Angeles City prosecutor’s office a strange case was filed: Ahusband suing his wife and his wife’s lover, a Catholic priest for alleged adultery and unjust vexation. Scandal #10: Monsignor with Altar Boy Monsignors are above the pay grade of ordinary priests. Gentlemen, prepare to be astounded by the overwhelming might of the gonad: Here’s the Top 10 Religious Scandals to Hit the Philippines.

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