Dating bunnykins

The bowl is minus the lid, and the Bunnykins decoration is by Royal Doulton.Looking into it, it may have been made earlier however we can’t establish too much information as details are so far spread out nothing makes much sense to us newbies.

Anyways, you had moved in with him and his brother (which Alfred had gotten over the whole ‘you guys had sex in my bed! So when you transferred into Ouran, you didn't waste any time getting to know who was who. And Tony Stark made the biggest mistake of his life when he snatched it from Clint.

The cover is indeed missing, as is also a metal topped cork stopper.

Bunnykins by: Russell I just bought a Bunnykins bowl at auction.

His daughter Barbara created drawings of bunnies, in almost every family situation.

These are pictures of my Royal Doulton Bunnykins, for my sweet Bunnykin!

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