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A world record at the time, it remains an Olympic record.It has been beaten just the once, at the 1991 IAAF World Championships in Tokyo, when the USA's Mike Powell edged a legendary duel with his compatriot Carl Lewis with a leap of 8.95m.Prizes were awarded for each of the sporting competitions, which were staged under the aegis of the Paris 1900 .The winners each received either an artwork or a cash prize of between 4,000 and 6,000 francs.Pro Women, Arnold Amateur and Arnold Strongman DVDs from 2019 and prior years are also available.Sports include physical recreational activities that have elements of competition/struggle and play. Relative Popularity of Pro Sports "Popularity" could be interpreted in a number of ways. With such a broad definition, it can be said that any sporting discipline in which proficiency is judged, in part or in full, by the use of one's physical abilities in reaction to an opponent or the circumstances of the sport…As for the Olympic record, that is held by the USA's Charles Austin, who cleared 2.39m at Atlanta 1996.Another American, Ellery Clark, had the honour of becoming the first Olympic long jump champion at Athens 1896, with a leap of 6.35m.

Brandon Curry won the 2019 Arnold Classic by beating defending champion William Bonac and a field of the best IFBB Pro League athletes in the world.

Second and third respectively were fellow Belgian Georges Van der Poele (on Windsor Squire) and France's Louis de Champsavin (on Terpsichore).

In Paris, the long and high jump, traditionally contested in athletics, were transposed to the equestrian arena for the first and only time in Olympic history.

In the jumping event, which is the only one of the five contested at Paris 1900 that remains part of the Olympic sports programme, the top three prizes were awarded to riders who completed the course without any faults, and classified according to their times.

Belgian Aimé Haegeman, riding Benton II, topped the rankings to become the first-ever Olympic gold medallist in equestrian sport.

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