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I hear from readers quite often that they have with 2, 3, or more charges on their account.Many Ronin readers have reported that If it is at the end of the trial-period or billing period, you get billed again.The persons named, might not be the owners of the company. With any of these companies, you need to find the shareholder(s) to determine the real owner. Companies in Cyprus can be researched at https://i-cyprus.com/.For more information, see Staffordish Limited Company Profile.They have policies that say all the right things – except they are sharing your information with unknown business partners.This is not like you gave your credit card to and have a reasonable expectation of privacy and security. Combine the bad privacy policy, unknown companies with unknown security practices, and you have a great recipe for Identity Theft.The date verification scam site connects to a marketing/click generating server(s), which assigns a billing site. It is a complex network of facade websites, obfuscating servers, and shell companies.

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Before you call or visit you will want to know what you need to do to protect yourself – read and follow the instructions in the next section (What You Should do…). (When I checked it was, but that can change.) Before you enter any information, look for the http to protect yourself.The charges are completely hidden, or just hard to find.Because it is the internet, there are an infinite number of ways to get there.The charge to your credit card account is a monthly (recurring) charge.Additionally, there might be charges from “bonus” offers, in the form of additional trial memberships.

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