Couples looking for ichat sex

(Available on i OS and Android, Free) READY for a spot of aural sex?This ASMR app is chiefly designed for relaxation, but some sounds will get the sexual hotspots of your brain and body going.In this study we aimed to recruit couples in order to investigate how the dynamics of sexual personality, relationship length, and relationship qualities influence intercourse frequency,” said study author Trond Viggo Grøntvedt of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.The study of 92 heterosexual couples aged 19 to 30 found that couples had sex two to three times a week on average.When both you and your partner say yes to something, such as sex alfresco, Kindu lets you know.(Available on i OS and Android, Free) ONCE simply a threesomes app, Feeld is now like Tinder for the sexually curious.

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All a bit silly but also a good excuse to try something new out of the bedroom.So why not combine the two to put the spark back in your relationship?Sexpert Annabelle Knight says: “Apps are great for encouraging you to try new things in bed.This was the case even when controlling for other relationship qualities, such as happiness, trust, intimacy, love and commitment,” Grøntvedt told Psy Post.The researchers didn’t find any association the other aspects and how often people have sex.

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