Consolidating itunes library external drive

You may know that some of the i Tunes-unfriendly music format cannot be imported to i Tunes.

Here in this guide will show you two solutions for you to choose from. Also Read: How to Backup i Tunes Library to External Hard Drive Note: You can delete the songs by clicking the Delete button if you do not like the songs stored on your device after the transfer.

So you may like to add music to i Tunes from external hard drive.

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Locate the ''i Tunes Music/Media'' folder again, right-click on it, and select ''Copy.'.

If it's too big for the available space in your external drive, clear some space in your external drive.

Double-click on the external hard drive icon to view the contents.

Go to the location in your external hard drive where you wish to store this data. Note: By doing this last step, your i Tunes Music will now be stored in your external drive, but i Tunes will not be able to play all your music as always. If you wish to continue using i Tunes as always, but maintain all your music in the external hard drive to save space in your computer, go to the next section.

You will get the typical ''The file could not be found. Perform the first two steps on the previous section to check there's enough space in your external hard drive.

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