Coast guard dating policy

After World War II broke out, the ship was offered to the U. government and transferred to the Coast Guard Academy, where she was commissioned as USCGC Danmark and served as the cadet training ship until 26 September 1945, when she was returned to the Danish government.

At the end of the war, Horst Wessel was taken by the U. Horst Wessel was an improvement on the original design.

She was larger in dimension and her spars were all steel, unlike Gorch Fock Her keel was laid on 15 February, she was launched on 13 June, completed on 16 September, and commissioned on 17 September.

She was the second ship in the class to be built, following the class namesake Gorch Fock.

USCGC Eagle (WIX-327), formerly the Horst Wessel and also known as the Barque Eagle, is a 295-foot (90 m) barque used as a training cutter for future officers of the United States Coast Guard.

She is one of only two active commissioned sailing vessels in the United States military today, along with USS Constitution which is ported in the Boston Harbor.

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