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CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX BUSINESS APPBe wary of anyone you meet online, as they could be misrepresenting themselves.Here are some common red flags, according to the IC3: Anyone who believes they’re a victim of a romance scam can report it to the IC3 online here, or to their local FBI field office.You often have a significantly smaller social network than your average millennial, so there’s limited opportunities to meet other seniors who are also interested in dating,” said Scott Valdez, founder of the matchmaking website Virtual Dating “Dating sites are the perfect solution to that problem.” But what’s holding single seniors back from embracing the online dating world?Are millennial men less likely to be chivalrous than their older counterparts?Are single adults more or less promiscuous when they’re dating in their senior years?Do the search results add up with what the person has claimed?The FBI said to never send money to someone met online, never provide credit card numbers or bank account information without verifying the recipient’s identity and never share a Social Security number or other personal information.

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And that skepticism can extend further to include apprehensions about safety.

“For most seniors, having success with modern dating means learning a brand new skill set: Describing yourself online, posting pictures on your profiles, exchanging messages with a complete stranger — and doing it all in an attractive way.” Somewhat surprisingly, more millennial men (25%) said they “always” or “very often” bring a gift to a first date, such as flowers or chocolates, while only 17% of senior men said the same.

Could it be that millennials are more materialistic? The experts we spoke to offered a range of possible explanations.

“Some seniors are more prone to falling for a scam, and there are many who prey on them just for that reason.

Older women especially fall victim to Internet dating scams,” noted blogger and relationship expert J. And although older adults are using smartphones, social media and the Internet in increasing numbers, there are still some who remain on the technological sidelines.

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