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Newspapers’ ongoing search for subscription revenue: from paywalls to micropayments – In March, two new models involving “micropayments” – in which readers pay a small fee (roughly 25 cents) to read a single article – made headlines.The mission of RCSC is to offer activities of interest through which Christian singles can meet others, participate in events and grow in the knowledge and love of Christ.We welcome those who are single for whatever reason - whether never married, separated, divorced, or widowed.In this live session we role play a date (horribly) discuss having authentic relationships, why a date is not an interview, dating for a couple weeks and the girl is into him but spends time with her friends, Should you go camping with someone that you don’t fully trust? Erik shares his thoughts on the new rendition of It’s Cold Outside.Jaimy and Erik talk about those who want to quit dating, celebrating holidays and they share a great gift idea for the man in your life....

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