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In 2005, the BBC television show Master Chef was re-launched with an updated format and with Torode and Wallace as presenters replacing Gary Rhodes. The show subsequently spawned a spin-off, also hosted by Torode and Wallace, called Celebrity Master Chef.In October 2009, Torode opened a restaurant near New Spitalfields Market in London, called the Luxe.In each location, Torode looks for the most inspiring cooks, discovering the distinctive flavours of their country's cuisine.Cooking on location with local chefs, each episode sees several dishes created, popular and typical of their region.The episode explored the history and culture behind Argentina's great beef production and included Torode joining a group of gauchos on a working livestock ranch, before ending at a restaurant in Mendoza where cooking beef is regarded as being an art form.Torode was featured on BBC News as one of the people behind the project 'Come.. ' The project encourages the elderly to get together in the community and enjoy food together, encouraging a better social existence and an air of security in their lives.Amy married Chris Fischer back in February after they'd been quietly dating for a few months.

In 2018, John Torode’s Middle East (10 x 30 minutes) produced by Blink Films, featured the chef as he travelled across the region to find delicious eats.After first appearing on television on ITV's This Morning, he started presenting a revamped Master Chef on BBC One in 2005.He is a restaurateur; former owner of the Luxe and a second restaurant, Smiths of Smithfield. Torode was born in Melbourne, Victoria, but between the ages of four (when his mother died) and ten he lived in Maitland, New South Wales, with his brother Andrew, and his grandmother who taught him to cook.In March 2019, Torode, along with actress and food writer Lisa Faulkner, was given his own weekend cooking show.They host John And Lisa's Weekend Kitchen on Sunday mornings on ITV. Torode has said in interviews that he enjoys that the show is unscripted and that the cameras are just there to capture the genuine interactions between the judges and the contestants.

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