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Steve has made his money through the hotels and casinos in the city, but two hefty divorces took quite a toll on his bank account.We imagine ex Elaine was smiling the day she walked away from court 1 million richer after Steve was forced to pay the settlement in their divorce – one of the most expensive ever!Billionaire James began a relationship with singing legend Mariah Carey, and it wasn’t long before they were engaged.Sadly, after a few months with a ring on her finger, the couple split up in 2016.They didn’t have to worry about splitting assets, though, as Mariah and James’ bank total came in at a staggering billion between them!

Not all wives of billionaires live in the shadow of their husband’s success, as some of them have had thriving careers of their own – even bringing in a hefty portion of the income themselves.

Even though Larry has enough to keep them both afloat for at least a few years, Lucy still studies towards her doctorate at university.

This is all in between enjoying married life alongside raising the two children they have together.

They were in for a rocky relationship though as, unfortunately, they divorced after just four years.

A twist in the tail saw Elon Musk and Talulah Riley remarry again in 2013, but once again it ended in divorce only three years later!

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