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While in the winter you’ll be feeling annoyingly cold.On the contrary, natural materials provide suitable body thermoregulation, perfect breathability and consequently improved hygienic conditions.

The current offer of mattresses on the market – from any company – consists only in products made from entirely synthetic fabrics and paddings.LORDFLEX’S believes in ethical values and transparency and has always risen to the challenge of manufacturing its items entirely in Italy and competing not only on price but also on the contents, design and refined style of its distinctive products.Purchasing LORDFLEX’S products means contributing to the local economy, thus allowing production continuity and the creation of new jobs.LORDFLEX’S offers a number of products that stand out from the traditional, often “banal” mattresses you commonly find on the market, but also patented solutions, systems designed according to ergonomic studies and manufactured based on the knowledge of materials engineering and how materials affect the physiology and quality of sleep.It also boasts exclusive unique-in-the-world tools such as the new revolutionary simulator of bearing capacities, which can reproduce from one smartphone-controlled single test station the different types of comfort ensured by the mattresses of the LORDFLEX’S range.

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