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Uniquely among Christian dating apps and sites, eharmony has spent the last 30 years researching exactly what makes relationships work.Our compatibility matching technology applies everything we’ve learned to find the best matches for our members.Just remember to answer the questionnaire truthfully rather than with an eye on how you’d like to be perceived.Only by being yourself will you find a truly perfect match.All across America, Canada, Scotland, Holland, England, Germany, Australia, and South Africa, Reformed singles are meeting, courting, dating and marrying.In 2004, Dean Scott had a vision to bring Reformed minded single Christian men and women together in faith-based relationships worldwide.

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The entire staff at Sovereign Grace Singles, are deeply committed Reformed Faith Christian singles who are passionate about serving the Reformed community.Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, appropriate matches are sent directly to your inbox.You can then browse through profiles of Christian singles in Australia in the knowledge that each ranks highly for compatibility with you.Truth and authenticity are essential to make our system work.We don’t want you to sell yourself; we want you to be yourself.

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