Bob harper dating jillian michaels

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Fitfusion is also associated and broadcasts on AT&T U-verse, Broadband TV Corp, Bell TV Canada, and other TV channels, as well as Roku, Apple TV, and Fitness on Demand reaching audiences in Marriott, Hilton Worldwide and Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.

* Yes she is straight and is married to Bob Harper. She had mentioned it in the July 2010 issue of Redbook. And now, Jillian Michaels is leaving Biggest Loser and Bob is forced to work without her although they've been long term partners. The programs shown on Fitness TV are Kim Kardashian's Fit Into Jeans by Friday, Fun Fit Foodie, Bob Harper Workout Series, Jennifer Nicole Lee, Billy Blanks, Amy Childs, Kettleworx, and Jillian Michaels Workout Series. They are friends and somertimes competitors, but they are not in any type of a relationship. However he does have a toddler girl, his daughter's name is Co Co.

This is one busy lady with her show 'Biggest Loser' and she loves to travel. We have seen a lot of Bob and Jillian's techniques and workout throughout Biggest Loser USA and they even went on Biggest Loser Australia for 1-2 seasons, imagine how busy they are.

She has also made an appearance on the talk show The Doctors.

In fall 2015, she hosted and co-judged a series on Spike titled Sweat, INC. Michaels has recalled a traumatic childhood that included night terrors, her parents' divorce, and suffering verbal abuse by classmates as a 5-foot, 2-inch, 175-pound eighth-grader.

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