Black women too picky in dating

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That's just an example of the kind of girl that's steering me away from going after women in the west obviously for those that tend to jump to conclusions when reading my posts : P. There is no "commitment" in a marriage under no-fault divorce laws. There is no "commitment" if you wive can willy-nilly leave you.

I wish the idea of contract marriages would gain more ground--i.e.

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before women gave sex away so easily, men were dying to marry women.they didn't think about what a marriage was really for.they came to believe it was for commitment and "locking" in the woman.they don't have the same drive as men but can't stop mouthing off about men not allowing them to i was a boy, my plan was to marry at 26. pretty scary to walk into something that could ruin your life at the behest of another person.Both emotionally, socially and economically is a divorce one of the worst things that could happen to a man, so there are clear, obvious reasons for men to be wary of marriage, as the only way to get divorced is if you first marry someone.

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