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The other principal player was Thelma Ritter, whose tough, straight-talking characters had graced many films, including All About Eve and Rear Window.Before shooting began, Day and Marty Melcher, her third husband, launched weekly informal dinner parties for the cast and crew at their house on North Crescent Drive, in the flats of Beverly Hills. "We began to know one another well, to react to the same family jokes." In her efforts to make the insecure Hudson feel more at home in a comic role, Day remained on the set when he filmed their split-screen telephone scenes to read him her lines, and during the pre-recording session for the title song, in which Hudson was to join her in the chorus, she spontaneously suggested, "Why don't you sing a verse?

Hudson later recalled, "They had to add a week on to the shooting schedule because we could not stop laughing I used to think about terrible things, to try not to laugh, but I think that's the wonderful part about when you see two people on the screen—if you like them, if they like each other, and you sense that they like each other." When Pillow Talk opened, in October 1959, the reviewers welcomed it as a new modern comedy and embraced Day and Hudson as a natural team. At its annual Golden Globes event in 1960, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association declared Hudson and Day the "world's favorite" actor and actress.

What I mean is, Doris Day will always shine through the part.

This will make you a big, important star." Over the next two decades, Day made 38 more films.

with Rock Hudson, in 1959, Doris Day was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood history. Doris Day, the bouncy, fresh-faced, blonde singer who had been born Doris Kappelhoff, had her first hit song, "Sentimental Journey," in 1945, when she was 23.

But after the death of her third husband a decade later, she devoted herself to animal-rights work, withdrawing more and more to her pet-filled Carmel estate in the wake of new financial and personal disappointments. Like Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, both of whom she worked with, Day parlayed her success as a big-band vocalist into a career in Hollywood (where two years would get shaved off her age).

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