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One thing that makes them so unique is their flexibility in choosing nesting sites.Other raptors like eagles seek out trees with certain characteristics but Ospreys (read more…)Ospreys rely on fish to survive, and fish need clean water.Featuring satellite imagery from GOES-WEST, GOES-16, GOES-17, and more.Oregon has an extensive network of cameras that showcase this attractive, scenic and diverse state. Last Update : 2/10/18 Due to changes in the Oregon DOT web site, it is no longer possible to directly link to speicifc cameras.There are no records of Osprey nesting along the Bay shore before 1990, although some nested at nearby lakes.Then in 2012, fifteen nests were found along the north part of the Bay, and in 2015 there were more than thirty nests!

Flying overhead, their wings make a sharp M or W pattern rather than a gentle curve.Live video from our webcam at Carbis Beach Apartments with fantastic views across Carbis Bay with its romantic hotel and stunning views from the beachside apartments overlooking the beach and across to St Ives, one of “The Most Beautiful Bays in the World”.To view a timelapse of Sunsets on previous days simply click in the top right hand corner of the camera feed where you will then be able to select a day from the previous 7.The webcam run by RHBTA Ltd is positioned overlooking the beach below the Quarterdeck, with a view down the coast towards Boggle Hole and Ravenscar.Click on the buttons below to see the webcams run by the Bay Broadband Co-operative, showing views of the Dock and overlooking the Bay (from the top of the Bank).

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