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I get questions all the time like, ‘Did you have to shoot people?

’, and ‘How many men did you sleep with on the job?

It was intense, and probably the first time I realised the magnitude of the job I might possibly get.

For someone who does improvised comedy for a living, being there just didn’t feel real.”Emily admits she wasn’t an obvious candidate for the CIA (“all my peers had very traditional routes into the CIA, working in international relations or studying foreign languages – I was doing improv at the Funny Bone Comedy Club!

Once you introduce that into any professional relationship – whether it’s when you’re recruiting a spy or trying to get information – you don’t have control any more. “It isn’t always as glamorous as they make it look in the movies – you’re making sacrifices, working 90 hour weeks, and attempting to do your desk job all day while recruiting people at night.

It takes a person who doesn’t mind living a double life.” Emily landed landed the job - which involved creating disguises for spies - but then quickly transferred departments to work as an Operations Officer.

Or, if a particular job means going undercover, the CIA will disguise you with fake facial hair or a wig.” , there are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be a spy.

But no, Emily hasn’t killed anyone, and no, she hasn’t used sex as a tool to get information out of people.“I feel bad because people often want the misconceptions to be true.

But then, if you have an incredibly technical or complicated cover job that doesn’t suit your personality, that will make people who know you question things, too.

It’s a balance.” One thing that wasn’t so much of a balance was Emily’s personal and work life.“Working for the CIA is all-consuming, which is why lots of people would date within the CIA; to take that extra layer of stress off.

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