Are kritika and karan dating Sex chat by microphone

Talk about jodis on Indian TV that are filled with passion, love and romance, and you would find RK and Madhubala right on the top.

This story of a fan marrying a superstar struck a chord with TV audience.

While Anusha and Karan have been giving us major couple goals by doing everything under the sun together; fan have constantly been prodding the duo about their marriage plans. the end.."" There is no definite reason for my split with Karan. Both of us got very busy with our new shows and this took a toll on our relationship.

And now; its looks like Anusha has finally decided to open up about this most asked question. It is really sad that we couldn't take care of our relationship. Today, we still have a comfort level and we can talk about anything.

During a recent Instagram session of Question and Answer; a fan asked Anusha about her marriage plan and the VJ finally has reply. I think I abandoned on Twitter because I was asked to this question at the same time on both. There was an emotional attachment, we were together 24/7, but he never proposed to me and I am glad he didn't. If there is anything new we do, any advice one of us needs, we call each other first."From Sujal-Kashish, Arnav-Khushi to Raman-Ishita - these TV couples hold a special place in the hearts of the audience.

Now, when Bollywoodlife met Kritika and asked her about Anusha, here's what she had to say - "I am comfortable with all my exes and Karan is not the only one. She is a very sweet girl and a fun girl and she makes him fun too.See we started off as friends and ended up in being friends. And yes styles him too, what better could Karan have asked for." Now that was sweet. It’s an unadulterated kind of friendship that we have and that has remained between us. Their pictures on their social networking accounts are evidence for the same.However, Anusha has been at the receiving end of fans' thrashes on social media as they are against her and Karan.

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